13 December 2012


{Manga Review} A Bride's Story, Vol. 1 - Kaoru Mori

A Bride's Story, Vol. 1 by Kaoru Mori
Release Date: 05/31/2011
Publisher: Yen Press

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Acclaimed creator Kaoru Mori (EmmaShirley) brings the nineteenth-century Silk Road to lavish life, chronicling the story of Amir Halgal, a young woman from a nomadic tribe betrothed to a twelve-year-old boy eight years her junior. Coping with cultural differences, blossoming feelings for her new husband, and expectations from both her adoptive and birth families, Amir strives to find her role as she settles into a new life and a new home in a society quick to define that role for her.

I finished this manga in 10 to 20 minutes. I love to read manga's but my library doesn't have a lot of them so I'm sad. Also, I usually read manga in Chinese Mandarin so.. I don't read them that much anymore.

A Bride's Story is about a twenty-year-old girl who was married off to a twelve-year-old boy. It was set in the 19th century at the Silk Road, which is a trader's route from China to Europe. It shows you their daily lives and other family dramas.

The only thing that bothered was that there was a marriage between a twelve-year-old and a twenty-year-old. I think the boy is too young to be married, but I guess that's just my own opinion. But I guess it makes sense since the proper age to marry is 15/16 back then.

The style of drawing is very important to me in a manga. It needs to look pretty to me or else I won't read it. I guess I like those big eyed/girly Japanese manga drawing. I love those kind. I don't like the drawings of Naruto if that gives you a better idea of my taste.

Overall, this manga has very pretty drawings/sketches and a great plot line. Now I want to stalk this author's work :3


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