31 December 2013


Monthly Wrap-up: December 2013

Monthly Wrap-up is where I tell you about what happened during the month,
including what I reviewed, what interesting things happened, and other random things

What I Reviewed This Month

Other Things That Went On This Month

Best Books of 2013 (ft. Kaity)

A Summary of the Month

Christmas holidays finally came and with it, my laziness and refusal to do absolutely anything. I've been feeling lazy and just want to rest for the holidays. I haven't been scheduling many blog posts that I was supposed to and I feel kind of bad for that. I have all of January planned out but I haven't started reading anything yet. That, my friend, is a very bad sign. If I miss a post here or there, it'll be because my nonexistent foresight and my piles of homework waiting to be done. 

But we shouldn't focus on my procrastination! This holiday, even though my family doesn't celebrate Christmas, I've bought and was gifted many things (I almost bought stuff myself). I'll try to put up a haul post this week. I didn't buy a lot of books unfortunately, but I bought lots of other random stuff. 

I hope you all had a great December and a memorable holiday :)

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