18 October 2012


{My Own Ink} Wedding Day

Hi guys! So this is just a short story I wrote. In English class, we did something called paint chip writing and this is what I wrote in 10 minutes.



Paint Chip of the Day: Smooth Marbled Violet

 Kind of like this colour.

I sniffed the beautiful flowers in my hands. Smooth marbled violet. I sighed. I put it back into the vase with many others like it.

Today is the day. The day I get married. I’ve been dreaming about this day since I was a little girl. Mom’s magical tales only fed my fantasies. But it really is here. I have a handsome fiancĂ© and a perfect wedding. Anywhere is perfect, really, as long as I have him. Do you really believe in true love? In this moment, I certainly do, but I can’t say for the future.

“Kat! Let’s go!” one of my friends called. I let the while silk veil cover my face.
Feeling nervous, I walked down the aisle with my dad. Glancing around, I saw familiar faces. They were all smiling. I gulped and kept walking. Step by step. 1, 2, 3. I was careful not to step on the wedding gown. Step, step. We’re almost there. I never want this day to end. I see him standing there. My fiancĂ©, my lover, my perfect other half.

The grass rustled beneath my feet and his chocolate brown hair billowed through the wind. His emerald green eyes, more vibrant than the glass, seem more alive than ever, piercing me with his gaze, as if he could see right through me. A corner of his mouth eased up into a half smile.

I didn’t even notice as I stood with him. The priest rattled off stuff but I didn’t hear. All I could see was him. I vaguely remembered both of us saying, “I do.” Then it was the moment. The moment we kiss. “Ready, Kat?” he whispered only for my ears. I looked into his emerald eyes. I knew without a doubt. After all we’ve been through, this is perfect. We leaned toward each other while we still locked our eyes together. A faint whisper of his lips. I could feel his breath, tickling my face. Then he kissed me. I could feel the feather touch of his lips on mine. Then he firmly pressed his lips. Cheers went through the audience.

My favorite flower, smooth marbled violet, was tossed into the air. I grinned goofily at him, drunk of the moment. He gave me his famous half grin.

“We have forever now, KittyCat.”

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