17 January 2014


{Review} The Lost Planet - Rachel Searles

The Lost Planet by Rachel Searles
Genre: MG Science Fiction
Release Date: Jan 28 / 2014
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
This is what the boy is told:
• He woke up on planet Trucon, inside a fence he shouldn't have been able to pass.
• He has an annirad blaster wound to the back of his head.
• He has no memory.
• He is now under the protection of a mysterious benefactor.
• His name is Chase Garrety.

This is what Chase Garrety knows:
• He has a message: "Guide the star."
• Time is running out.

Thank you to Macmillan for providing a review copy!
This does not alter or change my review in any way.

The Lost Planet was a book that had a great start. It reminded me why I love middle grade books so much, but I didn't quite love it all the way until the end. 

Chase Garrety has amnesia and he had no idea what happened or what planet he was on. I normally hate characters with amnesia (I just wanna reach in and suffocate them sometimes) but Chase was okay. Action was also a strong point for this novel though the pace was a bit slow. It's really a fun sci-fi novel and I loved all the adventure. I do wish the pacing could've been faster because I feel like the ending is where the story truly starts to get interesting. The book is a good length but I don't think enough events happened in those 384 pages. Now that I thought it over, the pacing is painfully slow and it took quite a while for Chase to figure everything out.

Overall, The Lost Planet didn't disappoint but also didn't make it to the love list. I would still recommend this to fans of middle grade science fiction novels.


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