31 January 2014


Monthly Wrap-up: January 2014

Monthly Wrap-up is where I tell you about what happened during the month,
including what I reviewed, what interesting things happened, and other random things

What I Reviewed This Month

Other Things That Went On This Monthh

Stacking the Shelves: January 2014 (I switched to monthly haul posts!)
{Bookish Survey} The Hunger Games: Panem Favourites Part 2

Book(s) of the Month

A Summary of the Month

January was the month when I get back to school. Ugh. School started again and I was not happy. I'm taking science class as a semester course so I had my science provincial two days ago (the 29th). A provincial is like a really important final exam that stands for 20% of your final grade. The teacher had an answer sheet so he knew about how much we got. Thankfully, I got higher than I expected. I was literally overjoyed when I knew I got about 93%. That is out of the way, thank goodness. Now I don't have science for the rest of the year! But past science, now I have math class. Ugh, math.

For one of my classes, I also have to do job shadowing in March. It's where we have to follow an adult to work for a day and learn about what they do there. I wish I could job shadow someone at a bookstore, library, or publishing house, but that's probably impossible (esp. the first and last one). 

Something exciting is happening in February. There's going to be a Marissa Meyer signing near me and I'll definitely be going! Gotta get my Lunar Chronicles series signed :)

That's about it for the whole month. I hope you all had a wonderful January!

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