18 January 2014


{Bookish Survey} The Hunger Games: Panem Favourites Part 2

Hey, all! Now I return with part 2 of the Hunger Games Survey! I hope you all enjoy and if you haven't read part 1, here it is.

District 1: Cashmere and Gloss

Favourite fictional siblings:
Bianca and Nico di Angelo (The Titan's Curse). I loved how much this pair of siblings loved each other and Nico never gave up on his sister. I can't really explain why I like them; I just do.

District 2: Cato

Favourite bad-boy character:
Aaron Warner (Shatter Me). Warner OMG. I've recently read Shatter Me again to read the whole series and HOLY SH*T.. This boy has got me swooning and crying and just dying.. *___*

District 3: Beetee and Wiress

Favourite genius / geeky character:
Wade Watts (Ready Player One). He's probably the geekiest character I've ever come across. He knows everything there is to know about the creator of OASIS. I loved how smart he is and how he tried so hard to do everything.

District 4: Finnick Odair

Favourite swoon-worthy hero:
Percy Jackson (Son of Neptune). Dude, he has sea green eyes and jet black hair. Like best combo ever.. just lemme die a happy girl! I just imagine him with a cheekly half smile and him slaying monsters easily. And cracking lame jokes that end up being funny anyways. Like DAYUM.

District 5: Foxface

Favourite mysterious character:
Luc (Opal). He's just a really mysterious person and I also thought he knew more than he let on. That kid is so smart, I swear. I don't really have anything to say about him though.

District 6: The Morphlings

Favourite secondary character:
Adrian Ivashkov (Vampire Academy). Adrian is the best secondary character ever. Even though he may seem like one of the main characters just because he's a part of the love triangle, I definitely count him as secondary just in this case :P Good thing that the boy got his own series or I'd probably die from withdrawal lol.

District 7: Johanna Mason

Favourite female character:
Sydney Sage (The Golden Lily). She's a strong female character and she's really smart. It doesn't hurt that Adrian is there with her throughout her adventures. She's calm and is really responsible. I admire that about her :)

District 11: Rue

Favourite fictional kid:
Sophie (Keepers of the Lost Cities). She's probably one of the bravest kids I've read about. She's likable and she's really talented but she also has her flaws. I love how she's willing to sacrifice herself for the people she love even though she's probably too young to handle things like that. She's also stubborn about being able to handle everything haha.

District 12: Peeta and Katniss

Favourite fictional couple:
Cam and Avery (Wait for You). They are literally the sweetest couple I've read about! This story is the best contemporary ever and UGH I just cannot stop gushing about them to anyone who would listen (which is not many lol).

That is all for my answers! What did you think and did you see some of your favourite books in my answers? If you did your own surveys, link me up to your posts!

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