22 August 2013


{Movie Review} Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures
Release Date: Feb 14 / 2013
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Rating: PG-13
Length: 124 mins
In Gatlin, South Caroline, the teenager Ethan Wate dreams on leaving the conservative town and go to the college. Ethan has dreams with a mysterious girl and when he meets the fifteen year-old newcomer Lena Duchannes in his class, he realizes that she is the girl of his dreams. The outcast Lena is rejected by the mates since she is the granddaughter of Macon Ravenwood, who is considered a worshiper of the devil by the superstitious dwellers. Ethan gives a ride to Lena and they fall in love with each other. Soon he learns that Lena is a good witch that on her sixteenth birthday will be claimed by the light and the darkness. She may stay in the light, but is cursed to change to the dark side if she falls in love with him. Further, her evil mother Sarafine is a caster that is pushing Lena to the dark side. Now they are seeking a spell to save their doomed love. Will the lovers succeed?


My Thoughts

I didn't really like the books which I read until the end of the second one. I thought I might as well give the movie a try in hopes it ending up better than the book. And this is better than the book.

The movie highlights the books' strong points. We get more magic action and we can actually see it happening. I love the cast as well. They seem to fit their roles perfectly. The guy playing Ethan is perfect. He's really cute as well :3 I think the movie's better because it told the same story but in a more captivating way. I never enjoyed either of Stohl and Garcia's writing styles. It made the story (which had so much potential) sound boring.

There were a few minor changes to the plot but I found it okay and acceptable. The one downside of the movie is that it makes it harder to understand the information given. They never explained much about the casters and why they would go light/dark. If I hadn't read the books, I would've been really confused. Also, the subtle things shown in the movie are hard to understand. Not to mention that since they're subtle, I never noticed it until someone pointed it out. 
Overall, I would say that the movie is better than the books. If there is going to be a sequel to this movie, I'd definitely check it out. Have you watched this before? Leave me your thoughts and comments below!



  1. I didn't watch it yet, but I've read the books. I was a little iffy on the movie but I'm glad to hear it's good. I always thought the books were always kind of slow until the end where it would leave the reader hanging, so I wonder how that translates in the movie. More action is probably a good thing.

    -P.E. @ The Sirenic Codex

    1. Hmm, like I said in my review, I don't remember much from the books. I do feel like the action was more exciting in the movie.

  2. I very recently watched it and found myself drifiting. I just didn't care that much about the story, which is a shame because the cast was excellent. I just didn't care much about Ethan and Lena. By the end, I wasn't even paying attention. :( But you have a good review of a fairly mediocre movie so good job!

    1. So sad you didn't like this! I found this to be a lot better than the book so I was satisfied. I guess this isn't for everyone :(

  3. I am not impressed over the book and movie and is it bad that I am happy you didn't enjoy as much? I am such a bad person to say that. But I am glad the movie is better than the book. That means I don't need to read the book! >:DD Haha, but I am glad that you thought the casting was pretty matched because who doesn't love a cute guy to look at? ;D Fanservice!

    1. Everyone loves a cute guy lol. Fanservice! I think I was just staring at Ethan for half the movie ;)


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