08 August 2012


Waiting On Wednesday (1): Mark of Athena

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Mark of Athena
By Rick Riordan
Release Date: 10/02/2012
Purchase: (BookDepository)

In The Son of Neptune, Percy, Hazel, and Frank met in Camp Jupiter, the Roman equivalent of Camp Halfblood, and traveled to the land beyond the gods to complete a dangerous quest. The third book in the Heroes of Olympus series will unite them with Jason, Piper, and Leo. But they number only six--who will complete the Prophecy of Seven? The Greek and Roman demigods will have to cooperate in order to defeat the giants released by the Earth Mother, Gaea. Then they will have to sail together to the ancient land to find the Doors of Death. What exactly are the Doors of Death? Much of the prophesy remains a mystery. . . . With old friends and new friends joining forces, a marvelous ship, fearsome foes, and an exotic setting, The Mark of Athena promises to be another unforgettable adventure by master storyteller Rick Riordan.

This week I chose Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan. It's the third in the Heroes of Olympus series. If you haven't read it yet, you should. I COMMAND YOU TO GO TO THE BOOK STORE RIGHT NOW AND PICK UP PERCY JACKSON. Okay, just kidding, but seriously. This series was the one that got me hooked to reading. The series is very entertaining and I'm dying to get my hands on this!!

*looking at the calender* Is it October 2nd yet? Nope. *cries in corner* *stands up* I WILL KEEP WAITING.

Emotional turmoil over. Comment and tell me what you're waiting on this wednesday :) x 


  1. I haven't even read Percy Jackson yet... don't beat me up... I'm scarrrrred! D: I promise I'll read them soon! Hehe :)

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  2. Your blog is adorable. I love the design. Anyway - I love Rick Riordan! I read the Lost Hero but haven't gotten to Son of Poseidon yet. The cover rocks and I just know it's going to be amazing!! Great pick.

    Jessica @ Books: A true story

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  3. I'm not such a fan of Percy after seeing the movie.. but perhaps I might give these books a shot some day :p


  4. Great pick! I have yet to finish reading the first Percy Jackson book. I started it a while ago but I put it down because I bought a new book that I wanted to read more. I do want to read more of Rick's novels though. :)

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