23 September 2014


{Review} Reckoning - Kerry Wilkinson

Reckoning by Kerry Wilkinson
Genre: YA Dystopia
Release Date: Jul 1 / 2014
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
One girl. One chance. One destiny.
In the village of Martindale, hundreds of miles north of the new English capital of Windsor, sixteen-year-old Silver Blackthorne takes the Reckoning. This coming-of- age test not only decides her place in society – Elite, Member, Inter or Trog – but also determines that Silver is to become an Offering for King Victor.But these are uncertain times and no one really knows what happens to the teenagers who disappear into Windsor Castle. Is being an Offering the privilege everyone assumes it to be, or do the walls of the castle have something to hide? Trapped in a maze of ancient corridors, Silver finds herself in a warped world of suspicion where it is difficult to know who to trust and who to fear. The one thing Silver does know is that she must find a way out . . . The heart-stopping first book in a new trilogy by UK author Kerry Wilkinson, Reckoning is the story of one girl's determination to escape the whims of a cruel king, and what she must do to survive against all odds.

*A copy was provided by the publisher for review*
Thank you, Raincoast Books!

Reckoning is set in a dystopian world where everyone takes a test at 16 to determine their ranking in the world. The ranks are Elite, Member, Inter, or Trog. Out of all the 16-year-olds taking the Reckoning each year, there are some that are selected as Offerings to King Victor. No one really knows what being an Offering means but at least the family will be given extra food for the rest of their lives (even though no one will ever see the Offerings again). The beginning reminded me of Hunger Games a bit but of course it isn't as good as the Hunger Games.

Silver Blackthorn is the main character. I think Silver is likable enough. She's wicked with technology and she seems smart. During the whole book, she really had to look out for herself and stay low-profile. She just knows that she has to get out. 

I thought it'd be really hard to get out and it would involve some extreme running away and bloodshed but that didn't really happen. During the book, King Victor was just this lunatic that killed anyone that he wanted. While reading along, you're getting new pieces of information with each chapter. Somehow, at the end, they just all pieced together and it worked...

Overall, I think the Reckoning is an average dystopian book that needed the characters to work together and trust each other. The book was about finding the perfect plan to escape without being caught (and possibly ending up with a fate worse than death).


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