11 July 2014


{Review} Camelot Burning - Kathryn Rose

Camelot Burning by Kathryn Rose
Genre: YA Steampunk
Release Date: May 8 / 2014
Publisher: Flux
By day, Vivienne is Guinevere's lady-in-waiting. By night, she's Merlin's secret apprentice, indulging in the new mechanical arts and science of alchemy. It's a preferred distraction from Camelot’s gossipy nobility, roguish knights, and Lancelot’s athletic new squire, Marcus, who will follow in all knights’ footsteps by taking a rather inconvenient vow of chastity.
More than anything, Vivienne longs to escape Camelot for a future that wouldn't include needlework or marriage to a boorish lord or dandy. But when King Arthur's sorceress sister, Morgan le Fay, threatens Camelot, Vivienne must stay to help Merlin build a steam-powered weapon to defeat the dark magic machine Morgan will set upon the castle. Because if Camelot falls, Morgan would be that much closer to finding the elusive Holy Grail. Time is running out and Morgan draws near, and if Vivienne doesn't have Merlin's weapon ready soon, lives would pay the price, including that of Marcus, the only one fast enough to activate it on the battlefield.

*A copy was provided by the publisher for review*
Thank you to Flux and Netgalley!

This book took me a month and a half to finish during my book slump. I don't think it's the book's fault so I'll try to give it a fair review.

I've never read anything on Camelot before, but I've always been fascinated with the King Arthur story. I don't really know the original tale so I can't compare this book to the tale. I really liked following Vivienne's story. She followed her dreams even though it was dangerous. The life of magic and mechanical arts was tempting and everything was so cool! I really loved Caldor the bird on the cover. 

Those are all the good points of the book. The reason it took me so long to read this was because I read a little bit at a time. The story didn't really urge me to find out what happened next and I wasn't really all that curious to find out either. It got slow at times and I didn't care that much for it. Still, I tried my hardest to finish the story. I think the final battle scene between Camelot and Morgan le Fay was worth reading through for!

Overall, I think Camelot Burning is a great book for those that like the King Arthur tale. Even though the story might get slow at times, I think everything closed to an amazing final ending at the end of the book. Give it a try if you're interested!


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