28 March 2014


{Review} Always Emily - Michaela MacColl

Always Emily by Michaela MacColl
Genre: YA Historical Fiction
Release Date: Apr 8 / 2014
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Emily and Charlotte Brontë are about as opposite as two sisters can be. Charlotte is practical and cautious; Emily is headstrong and imaginative. But they do have one thing in common: a love of writing. This shared passion will lead them to be two of the first published female novelists and authors of several enduring works of classic literature. But they’re not there yet. First, they have to figure out if there is a connection between a string of local burglaries, rumors that a neighbor’s death may not have been accidental, and the appearance on the moors of a mysterious and handsome stranger. The girls have a lot of knots to untangle—before someone else gets killed.

*A copy was provided by the publisher for review*
Thank you to Raincoast Books!

Always Emily is a book about the adventure of the two Bronte sisters. This is my first Machela MacColl book and I must say I enjoyed myself a lot!

Emily and Charlotte Bronte are two very different sisters. Emily is adventurous while Charlotte is cautious. A few events that happen in their town lead them to try and solve the mystery. Along the way, they also meet Harry, Emily's childhood friend, who is part of the whole thing. Harry has come back into town to try and save his mother and the sisters are going to help him. 

I really loved reading about the sisters. Their contrasting personality is very fun and leads to some debates between the two. I really love Harry as well. He's the "handsome stranger" and he has a strong love for his mother. I couldn't help myself as I was sucked in by the great narrative voice of Emily and Charlotte. I liked Emily's voice better of the two because she was headstrong and always just doing what she wanted. A short quote from the Bronte sisters' books were also put at the start of every chapter to set the mood.

Here's a lovely quote from the book:
Emily reached out and touched his hand. "Harry," she said gently. "You do realize you couldn't stop me?"
He grasped her hand in his and brought it to his lips. "If I can't stop you, then I must help you."
Emily paused, her whole world narrowed to the soft pressure of his lips on her hand. They were alone in the dark and Harry was kissing her hand. A scene from one of her stories. Or, more likely, Charlotte's. 
- Always Emily by Michaela MacColl (pg 157, ARC) 

Always Emily is a fantastic YA historical fiction about the Bronte sisters. I loved it with its two witty heroines and the local mystery. With its nice blend of both adventure and romance, it will definitely pull the reader in completely.


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  1. Hmm... this sounds very interesting, and me always being very drawn by covers I have to say I really like this cover, but I don't think I would like the book myself. Not sure if that's because I've been stuck about halfway through Jane Eyre for about 7 months...! I'm glad you enjoyed it, though.


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