20 February 2014


{Review} Fates - Lanie Bross

Fates by Lanie Bross
Genre: YA Paranormal
Release Date: Feb 11 / 2014
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Perfect for fans of Jennifer Armentrout, Julie Kagawa, Rachel Vincent, and Sarah J. Maas, and for girls who love all things pretty, romantic and inspirational.
One moment. One foolish desire. One mistake. And Corinthe lost everything.
She fell from her tranquil life in Pyralis Terra and found herself exiled to the human world. Her punishment? To make sure people's fates unfold according to plan. Now, years later, Corinthe has one last assignment: kill Lucas Kaller. His death will be her ticket home.
But for the first time, Corinthe feels a tingle of doubt. It begins as a lump in her throat, then grows toward her heart, and suddenly she feels like she is falling all over again--this time for a boy she knows she can never have. Because it is written: one of them must live, and one of them must die. In a universe where every moment, every second, every fate has already been decided, where does love fit in?

"Different and imaginative."--Kirkus Reviews

*A copy was provided by the author for review*
Thank you so much to Random House and Netgalley!

Fates could have been something wonderful. Instead, I got a confusing story with a case of instant romance on my hands. It really could've been something a whole lot better. 

Fates is a story about Corinthe who makes sure the world is balanced. She was banished from where she lived a long time ago into the human world. Without her knowing, she became part of a brewing rebellion that was in the works for ten years. Corinthe had been trying to go back to Pyralis for years and now her last task before her return is to kill Lucas Kaller. 

And yeah, you guessed it! She falls in love with him on sight. Well, she doesn't know what love feels like but she feels something she's never felt before. Cue me hitting my head on the table. It wasn't long before they were each other's everything and they were like fated lovers. 

Besides the romance, the story was also really confusing. It never explained the background of Pyralis, the Radicals, the Unseen Ones, or anything. They just throw these terms at you and you're expected to know them. By the end of the book, I still don't know who the Radicals and Unseen Ones are. Of course, you know, you probably can't see the Unseen Ones. Travelling between Crossroads was also pretty weird. I don't get what makes them so dangerous. I hope the author could've explained this unknown world a lot better than she did. 

Fates was just a disappointing book. It had a promising premise and I really hoped I would like it. The instant love and the confusing terminology ruined the book for me. I didn't get to enjoy the book much when I was questioning everything in the process.


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