24 October 2013


{Anime Review} Blood Lad

Blood Lad
Genre: Comedy, Supernatural
Adaptation: Manga
Aired: Jul 8 / 2013 - Sept 9 / 2013
Staz is the vampire boss of a section of the demon world, but he has little interest in human blood. He's more infatuated with Japanese culture. When he learns that Yanagi Fuyumi, a Japanese teenage girl, accidentally wanders into the demon city, he jumps to the occasion. However, while Staz deals with an intruder on his turf, the oblivious Fuyumi is killed by a monster and becomes a wandering ghost. The disappointed Staz vows to her that he will find a way to bring Fuyumi back to life.

Blood Lad was a surprising one for me. I originally thought I wouldn't like it because of the drawing. I usually pick the anime I want to watch based on the drawings and I thought this one was ugly. Surprisingly, the story pulled me in and it became my favorite anime of the whole summer season.

What made me so engaged was the story. It was the story of an otaku vampire who was obsessed with manga, anime and video games. He's also a powerful vampire and has his own territory in the demon world. It all started when a human girl wandered into his territory and got killed. He promised to bring her back to life. So begins the journey of Staz and Fuyumi. Along the way, they had help from friends when they ran into different issues.

All the action scenes were so entertaining. That's how fighting should be in anime. They're quick and there's no fancy elemental symbols and stuff. It's just physical fist to fist with the occasional magical help. It's also pretty fast to finish which means you'll be left wanting more.

The relationship between Staz and Fuyumi is interesting too. They're always there to help each other and when Fuyumi gets kidnapped or something, it's always somehow Staz's fault. The pair works amazingly well together (and you can experience more of that in the manga than in the anime). One thing that I didn't like was Fuyumi's character trait. She was a bit of a damsel in distress that needed Staz to go after her but that didn't annoy me much. She really couldn't survive on her own in the demon world so of course she needed Staz to help her.

Blood Lad is my favourite summer season anime and I would recommend everyone to watch it! The demon world is built so well and the story lines are amazing. Don't even get me started on all the action. You just need to watch it to experience it for yourself!


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  1. I've seen this one and he's a powerful vampire that is an otaku! Hahaha that caught my attention especially with that picture! I think I will like this one! It sounds super funny but very interesting at the same time. ^^


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