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Oh. My. Gosh. You need to read this. Like, now. I cannot describe my love for this book. YOU MUST READ IT OR YOU SHALL DIE... MWAHAHAHA *cough* Uh.. anyways, this one is awesome.

Oooh.. Me likey. This has good potential and is very interesting. Eh.. something is missing though or I would've given it an A. Definitely worth checking out.

Eh.. this one was okay. There were some things that pissed me off (more or less) but I can still live with it. There was just a blandness about it. Nothing special.

Oh gosh. Remind me why I'm torturing myself with this book again? Ugh.. it isn't bad to the point that I would DNF it but it's still pretty bad, y'know. Using all my willpower to finish this so I can rant and complain about it.

This was frickin terrible and there were so many things I can rant about. I don't know why I bothered with this and it's probably DNFed.

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