30 November 2013


Monthly Wrap-up: November 2013

Monthly Wrap-up is a monthly feature on my blog where I keep you up to date on everything that happened during the month. It's time for the November version :D

What I Reviewed This Month

What Happened This Month

Nothing significant really went on for me in terms of reading. My favorite book this month would probably be Trust in Me by J. Lynn. It brought back all the feels from Wait for You and that's just a really cute and fuzzy feeling. At school, I had a huge research essay due. I wrote it on YA Book Censorship. Hopefully my teacher won't find the contents inappropriate because I felt like I'm pushing the limits a little bit with a few choice words. We've also started preparing for provincials which isn't until June 2014. Those sample exams are such a pain in the ass. During it though, I've found a poem that I really liked. I was swooning while I was reading it in class haha. I'm just like, "I'm probably the only one swooning but I don't even give a shit!" Here's the poem; give it a read and tell me what you think:

First Day Back
by Shannon Mitchell

How hard could it be?
Step outside.
Take a look at the hives.
Count the wriggling bodies in the comb.
Aren't things back to normal?
Well, the new normal?

The funeral's over. Family's gone home.
Charlie, her partner in keeping house
and bees, left her this caregiving.
He knew she loved it like motherhood.
He wasn't wrong.

Still she stands at the window,
feet nailed to the floor like the first time
Charlie brought home a hive.
Reluctant to step outside. Gripped by a fear
of being stung.

But now?
Well, first, the bee mite disease.
Then Charlie's first stroke.
Then the first time she couldn't remember
if she should requeen in April
or was it March?
Now here she was, feeling her own majesty in question--
or at least her memory.

But she remembered that first day--
How could they sting you? Charlie asked.
You're sunshine.
Bees love sunshine.
Just sing 'em a tune, Babe.
Hum them something pretty.

So today, maybe some Bach?
A Debussy prelude? No.
Minuet in G Major. Uplifting.
The door shut behind her. Dew on the lawn
wet her boots, but the tears she wiped away
with her cuffs.
She could nearly hear Charlie
They missed your voice, love.

I absolutely loved and swooned at this poem. The multiple choice questions I had to answer after this? Not so much. I feel like I'm the only one that thinks this was cute (and sad) in the class but I'm sure the blogosphere will appreciate this as much as I do. IT'S SO SAD BUT IT'S SO CUTE. Nothing else interesting really happened this month other than that. Please tell me what you think of the poem!

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