22 April 2013


{Weekly Craving} April 2013 #4

Weekly Craving is a feature on my blog
where I show you new releases on my TBR list.

Crush (Crash #3) by Nicole Williams
Dance of the Red Death (Masque of the Red Death #2) by Bethany Griffin

Natural Born Angel (Immortal City #2) by Scott Speer
The Elite (The Selection #2) by Kiera Cass

The Rules (Project Paper Doll #1) by Stacey Kade
ACID by Emma Pass

I want everything!! Ah O__O Most of the releases this week.. Man.. I've been waiting on them for such a long time. Especially the Elite and Crush. Both of them will surely wow me :D Which one of the above are you waiting on? Tell me in the comments!

1 comment:

  1. I've been waiting on Crush! That series is oddly addictive. And How Zoe Made Her Dreams Mostly Come True looks super cute! ^.^



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